MBA Luxury & Hospitality Management (RNCP Niveau I)


The growing profile of the luxury brand market presents a unique opportunity. You can further your marketing and management expertise and enter this specific and dynamic market sector in Paris.

Our MBA Luxury and Hospitality Management develops your marketing, research and strategic management skills while providing you with the specialised knowledge you need for a successful career managing luxury international brands.

The educational content of the MBA LHM at ILCI ensures an ongoing effort to improve management skills, as well as to provide for the optimal development of such personal qualities as initiative, teamwork or critical thinking.  


- Acquire the knowledge and techniques for effective decision-making in management and marketing and in companies in the luxury goods sector in a globalized market.

- Analyse the current economic context, market tendencies and the main businesses and agents that make up the luxury goods sector.

- Study different strategies and management techniques in marketing and management and their practical application in the luxury goods sector.

- To acquire the ethical principles and values required of executive-level staff.  

Key Features

- One year program in Paris

- Deep insight into general management fundamentals

- Highly qualified faculty

- 100% taught in English  

Job Openings

Product Manager

Sales Manager

Marketing Director

Luxury Project Manager

Business Developper

Public Relations Manager 

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A propos de l'ILCI

Crée en 2004,l'ILCI a pour vocation de répondre aux besoins des entreprises en matière de management d'entreprise et plus spécifiquement en matière de Commerce International,Marketing et communication,logistique  et d'apprentissage des langues.Notre établissement propose des cursus spécialisés en 3 ou 5 ans après le baccalauréat.

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