ILCI Business School offers a 3-year program taught entirely in English in International Business.

The Bachelor in International Management and Marketing is a three-year level program that enables students to acquire an in-depth knowledge of management and marketing in an international context.


The Bachelor in International Management and Marketing program is open to international and French students planning a career abroad. 

The objectives of the Bachelor IMM are to provide students with a broad introduction to management, international business, economy, accounting, foreign cultures and foreign languages which will allow them to understand the basis of international business in order to work in a diverse environment or pursue further graduate management studies.

The first 2 years, you will acquire the basis to understand the firm and its environment and, during your last year, you will develop international business skills and knowledge.

Our aim is to encourage students to develop the skills and motivation to assume high-level responsibilities in dynamic companies operating internationally, in functions as varied as marketing, management, sales and export.

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A propos de l'ILCI

Crée en 2004,l'ILCI a pour vocation de répondre aux besoins des entreprises en matière de management d'entreprise et plus spécifiquement en matière de Commerce International,Marketing et communication,logistique  et d'apprentissage des langues.Notre établissement propose des cursus spécialisés en 3 ou 5 ans après le baccalauréat.

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