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Founded in Paris, in 2004, ILCI is an International Business School and a Language Institute offering a wide range of specialized programs in General Management, International Business, Marketing, Communication and Languages in 3 or 5 years.

We continuously improve our academic standards to develop teaching, learning materials and high quality learning resources in French, English and Chinese. Delivering well-structured and thorough programs, our experienced and dedicated staff makes sure that the students acquire knowledge, apply corporate-based know-how effectively and develop a personal project. Our goal is to educate and support ready-to-work managers who will have a strategic vision of businesses and can respond quickly to market demands.

ILCI is a private institution of higher education welcoming diversified profiles in an international environment focused on business, innovation and communication. We aim to train our students to become business leaders who take initiatives and can work on multicultural teams.

Located in Paris 13, our campus offers students an environment dedicated to studies. All classrooms are connected to Wi-Fi and equipped with interactive boards which enable both students and teachers to work efficiently.

We are honored to announce that ILCI Business School will open in 2016-2017 a BBA program taught entirely in English in International Business, a MBA in General management and a MBA in Luxury & Hospitality Management.

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>> MBA Luxury & Hospitality Management
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A propos de l'ILCI

Crée en 2004,l'ILCI a pour vocation de répondre aux besoins des entreprises en matière de management d'entreprise et plus spécifiquement en matière de Commerce International,Marketing et communication,logistique  et d'apprentissage des langues.Notre établissement propose des cursus spécialisés en 3 ou 5 ans après le baccalauréat.

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